Wednesday, October 4, 2017

October Baller of the Month

Steve Trow Steve Trow

Approximate Age: 64 ( 371 days younger than Steve H.)
Years Playing Polo: Introduced to water polo in 1967 as a punk freshmen at Whittier HS - you do the math...
Years with CWPC: 10 years, a real OG
Favorite Tournament: Lake Erie Classic & Masters Nationals
Favorite Position to Play: 2 Meter Wing Defense
Polo Teams Past: Whitter HS, Rio Hondo JC and Cal Poly, Pamona
Oldest Speedo Owned: 2007, still in my bag, solid black for special events only. 
A fun CWPC Memory: Shootout goal in Cleveland Gay Game in 2014 for the Bronze.
Family: Wife & 2 Kids!
Stealth Fact:Trow has donated over 60 pints of blood to the Red Cross in his life. 

Steve's greatest achievement in polo is being able to play with very good players over the past 10 years. His words of wisdom, "Try to get better and learn something at every practice and game." and of course, "learn to lob, it takes a lot of practice." 

Classic Trow Suit
2014 GG9 Bronze Team

When asked to describe their teammate, CWPC members responded, "Steve Trow is an original member of CWPC and has played polo longer than most of our teammates have been alive. He always pays his dues on time and attends Sunday practice on time, like an adult." 
Coach's comment, "He is the repository for a lot of institutional knowledge for the club and he doesn't throw back hands so that's a plus."
Kevin Zeigler from the far east shares, "Trow is the one guy you wish you were, but will never be. The best guy to have in the car when trekking cross country to a tournament and has been a great supporter of the club over the years."

Thank you, Steve, for your wisdom, timeliness and really old suits.

Upcoming Practices
  • Thursday, 10/5, 8:00pm - 10:00pm at CSU
  • Sunday, 10/8, 9:30am - 11:30am at LHS
  • Tuesday, 10/10, 8:30pm -10:00pm at LHS

*We apologize for the locked doors on Sunday and have been assured by LHS that they will be on call should this happen again. 


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Steve Trow Steve Trow!!!

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