Monday, August 11, 2008

practice at CSU??, perfect 6 on 5

The pool at CSU may be closed on Wednesday, please look for an update.


For a perfectly executed 6 on 5 using a 6-in shift, click below, click on the men's prelim video against China and watch at 13:15.

(you have to provide your zip code and cable provider. you can try mine if yours doesn't work. My zip code is 44106 and my cable is time warner digital)


Anonymous said...

Any update on practice tomorrow at CSU?

Scott Westhoven said...

I talked to the lifeguard staff. The practice is not on the calendar for tonight, and they did not schedule anyone to staff it. There won't be anyone with a key to let us in. As of this morning that is what I have heard.

Scott Westhoven