Byelaws & Board Roles

 Byelaws of the Cleveland Water Polo Club  

1 Overview 

1.1 Name. The name of this non-profit entity will be Cleveland Water Polo  Club, Inc. which may also do business as CWPC. 

1.2 Purpose. Cleveland Water Polo Club is a non-profit organization organized  and operated exclusively to foster national amateur water polo competition  and primarily to conduct or to support and develop amateur athletes for  national or international competition in water polo. 

1.3 Effective date. These byelaws are set in place this 23rd day of January 2013 by a majority vote of the Board of Directors. 

2 Article II Membership.  

Article II outlines membership and cost structure. 

2.1 Qualifications. An individual may become a “Member” by paying Dues  and being approved by the Board of Directors. Only individuals over the  age of 18 will are eligible to become Members. Approval shall be given by a  majority vote of the Board of Directors and shall not be withheld for any  reasons of race, color, sex, gender, sexual orientation or national origin. All  Members shall be eligible to vote at general meetings. The Board of  Directors shall compile and adopt a Member Policy document on an annual  basis which shall describe any additional requirements of the Members  apart from those stated herein. 

2.2 Dues. Members are required to pay quarterly Dues in order to remain in  good standing with the Cleveland Water Polo Club. Failure to pay Dues  shall be cause to exclude the Member from the Cleveland Water Polo Club.  Dues shall only be used to support the Cleveland Water Polo Club and its  Purpose as stated above. 

3 Article III Organizational Structure 

Article III established the structure of the association. 

3.1 Board of Directors: The Cleveland Water Polo Club shall be advised by no less than three (3) and no more than five (5) Directors. Directors shall  be elected at the Annual Meeting by a majority of Members in good  standing in attendance in person at the Annual Meeting. Directors shall  serve a term of one (1) year. Directors may serve multiple terms.  

3.2 Executive Officers: The Directors shall appoint the Executive Officers of  the Cleveland Water Polo Club. All Executive Officers must be Members.  The Executive Officer positions shall consist of President, Vice President,

Treasurer and Secretary. The President, Treasurer and Secretary must  also be a Director. The Vice President need not be a Director. 

3.3 Appointment of additional positions. The President may appoint and  remove additional positions which may include fundraising chair, social  chair and recruitment chair, etc.  

3.4 Term of Service. Unless otherwise specified by a general vote of the  Directors, the terms of service for Executive Officers will be one year  starting on the first day of August to the last day of July each calendar year. 

3.5 Salaries. The Directors and Executive Officers shall not receive  compensation for their service unless otherwise amended by an approved  vote of the Members. 

3.6 Affiliations. The Cleveland Water Polo Club will enter into affiliations or  partnerships with other clubs, entities, businesses, and organizations as  needed to promote the sport of water polo and further the identification of  Cleveland as positive role models for the sport of water polo. 

3.7 Removal of Directors. Removal of a Director must be initiated by a  general motion by the President or another Director and agreed to by a  majority of the Members in good standing convened in accordance with Article V. Once the position is vacated, replacement will be handled in  accordance with paragraph 3.2.  

A Director may be removed when sufficient cause exists for such removal.  The Board of Directors or President shall investigate and resolve all  demands for removal of any Director. A Director may be represented by  counsel at any removal hearing.  

The Board of Directors shall adopt such rules for this hearing as it may in its  discretion consider necessary for the best interests of the Cleveland Water  Polo Club. 

4 Article IV Duties of the Board of Directors and Executive Officers. Article IV sets minimum roles and responsibilities for the Board of Directors and  Executive Officers. 

4.1 Board of Directors.  

4.1.1 The Board of Directors, together with the Executive Officers, shall be  responsible for the control and management of the Cleveland Water Polo Club. 

4.1.2 The Board of Directors shall advise the Executive Officers with regards to  the control and management of the affairs and business of this organization. The  Board of Directors shall only act in the name of the Cleveland Water Polo Club 

when it shall be regularly convened by its chairman after due notice to all the  Directors of such meeting. 

4.1.3 Vacancies during a term in the Board of Directors shall be filled by a vote  of the majority of the remaining Directors for the balance of the term. 

4.1.4 The President shall be Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

4.1.5 All monetary expenditures shall require the Board’s approval. The Board  may approve on going expenditures on an annual basis at the Board’s discretion. 

4.1.6 The Presence of two-thirds (2/3) of the Directors shall constitute a quorum  for the transaction of business. The act of the Directors present at a meeting at  which a quorum is present shall be the act of the Board. If the Directors are tied  in votes on any particular issue before the Board, the President shall cast the  tiebreaking vote. 

4.1.7 All meetings of the Board of Directors shall be at a time and place set by  the Chairman of the Board. 

4.1.8 Each Director shall have one (1) vote for purposes of voting on matters  submitted to the Board. 

4.1.9 A Director present at a meeting of the Board shall presume to have  assented to any action the Board approves unless the Director announces such  dissent at the meeting. 

4.1.10 One or more Directors may participate in a meeting of the Board by  means of a conference telephone, or similar communication equipment, provided  all persons participating in the meeting can hear each other. Participation by  such means shall constitute presence in person at a meeting. 

4.2 President. The President shall be responsible for the ultimate operation of  the Cleveland Water Polo Club in accordance with the bylaws and all other  guidelines or laws for the organizations which it is affiliate with. 

The President shall enlist members and others in the definition of CWPC’s  strategy for endorsing the sport of water polo and maintaining a viable  operation. The president shall communicate that vision to the membership  and other interested parties as needed. 

The president shall ensure the execution of all other roles defined in the  bylaws and see to the general execution of the club’s goals.

4.3 Vice President. The vice president is the primary assistant to the president  and becomes familiar with all executive duties. The vice president is also  responsible for overseeing coaching, member relations and player  recruitment. 

4.4 Treasurer. The treasurer shall be responsible for the collection, deposit  and distribution of any and all funds and securities of the club except such  as may be required by law to be deposited with a state official. He/she shall  see to the deposit of the funds of the club in such bank or banks as the  board of directors may designate. Regular books of accounts shall be kept  under direction and supervision of the treasurer and the treasurer shall  render financial statements to the board of directors at requested times.  The treasurer shall have charge of preparation and filing of such reports,  financial statements and returns as required by law. The treasurer will  provide quarterly and annual financial statements for the review of the  board of directors and executive team. 

4.5 Secretary. The secretary shall record the minutes of the meetings of the  Board of Directors and distribute them to the Members. 

5 Article V Meetings and decision making. 

Article V specifies the operations of the club focusing on meetings and  communications. 

5.1 Annual Meeting of the Members. At least one meeting of the Members  will be held annually for the appointment of any Director(s) and conduct of  annual business such as taxes and financial planning. The Annual Meeting  shall be held before the end of each fiscal year. 

Additional general meetings of Members will be scheduled when needed.  

Meeting dates, times and locations will be scheduled with no less than two weeks  notice. Notification of the meetings will be by email or phone in the case where  email is not available. Additionally, general meeting times and agendas will be  posted on the website of the Cleveland Water Polo Club as appropriate.

5.2 Meetings of the Board of Directors.  

The Directors shall meet at least once per fiscal year. Meetings of the  Directors may be called by any Director by written notice received, at least  seven (7) days before the date of such meeting to each Director, by  electronic mail, facsimile, or regular mail, at his or her address or telephone  or facsimile number as it appears on the records of the Cleveland Water  Polo Club. Notice of the time, place, and purpose of any such meeting may  be waived in writing, either before or after the holding of such meeting, by  any Director. The attendance of any Director at any meeting of the  Directors without protesting the lack of proper notice, prior to or at the  commencement of the meeting, shall be deemed to be a waiver by such  Director of notice of such meeting.  

Quorum. A majority of the whole authorized number of Directors shall be  necessary to constitute a quorum for a meeting of the Directors. However,  a majority of the Directors in office shall constitute a quorum for filling a  vacancy in the authorized number of Trustees or in the officers of the  Corporation. 

Action by Consent. Any action required by law or under the Articles of  Incorporation of this Corporation or these byelaws, or any action that  otherwise may be taken at a meeting of the Board of Directors, may be  taken without a meeting if a consent in writing, setting forth the action taken,  is signed by all the persons entitled to vote with regard to the subject matter  of the consent, or all Directors in office, and filed with the Secretary of the  Corporation. 

6 Article VI Financial Policies 

Article VI specifies the association’s financial accountabilities. 

6.1 Fund raising. All funds collected by Cleveland Water Polo Club will go to  the promotion of its Purpose, as stated above.  

No athletes are to receive compensation nor shall any inference of  compensation be made to imply professional status of any athlete. Nothing  in this section shall be construed so as to prohibit the payment of approved  expense reimbursement or approved compensation in relation to any  professional fund raiser used to support or market the association. 

6.2 Receipts and Disbursement. All receipts and disbursements will be made  through official accounts only with documents to support the receipt or  disbursement. Only the Board of Directors has the authority to approve any  disbursement. Once the disbursement is approved by the Board, the  Executive Officers shall provide authorized signatures for any 

disbursement. Any Executive Officer can provide authorized signatures for  any receipt less than five hundred dollars ($500) from any one individual or  entity. Receipt in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500) or more shall  only be authorized by the Board of Directors. 

6.3 Budgeting. The Treasurer shall provide an annual budget at the Annual  Meeting for approval by the Board of Directors as the fiscal years plan.  Additional budget updates may be required at other intervals as designated  by the Board of Directors. 

The Treasurer shall also publish to all Members an Annual Report of  revenue and expenses before the end of each fiscal year. 

The annual budget shall cover all planned expenses and receipts such as  advertising, equipment, travel, or dues. The Executive Officers shall provide  the annual plan on co-operation with the Board of Directors. A deficit budget  will not be allowed. 

7 Article VII Dissolution 

Article VII sets forth distribution of assets upon dissolution 

7.1 Upon the dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one  or more exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3) of the  Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future federal tax  code, or shall be distributed to the federal government, or to a state or local  government, for a public purpose. 

8 Article VIII Code of Conduct 

Article VIII sets forth a code of conduct for Members 

8.1 All Members will conduct themselves with respect for or to their fellow  players, club sponsor, coaches and others affiliated with the club. 8.2 No lying or cheating of any form. 

8.3 No bullying or intimidating other team mates or members of other teams. 8.4 Show good sportsmanship towards the other teams. 

8.5 Do not do anything that will endanger other students or participants. 8.6 Members are expected to represent the club with the highest standards of  behavior, decorum and sportsmanship. 

8.7 Adhere to the governing rules and code of conduct of any league or  tournament the club participates in.

These byelaws may be amended by the affirmative vote of at least two-thirds  (2/3) of all the Directors in office at a regular meeting of the Directors or at a  special meeting of the Board of Directors call for such purpose and by  unanimous written consent as provided herein. 

This is to certify that the Byelaws set forth above was approved and  adopted by a majority of at least two-thirds (2/3) of all of the Directors in office at  a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Cleveland Water Polo Club, Inc. held  on ________________, 2012. 

Kevin Ziegler, Director 

Wade Weber, Director 


Brendon Friesen, Director

2022 Board Roles & Responsibilities
  • Up to seven total board of directors are elected by the club general population at the annual meeting
  • Once voted in, the board of directors assigns roles within the group

All Board Members:

  • Provides insights and guidance to support the club in and out of the pool

  • Assists with running practices

  • Line management during tournaments

  • Voting member of the board

  • Listens to club members thoughts and concerns and brings those to board attention 

  • Participates and provides insights in any potential disciplinary incidents 

  • Supports home tournament activities

  • Must be an annual dues paying member


  • Main point of contact for tournaments both home and away

  • Main point of contact for practice facilities

  • Must be referred to as “Coach”


  • Writes and distributes minutes for board meetings 

  • Writes team emails as needed

  • Communicates club activities and updates in groupme and on website 


  • Manages bank and paypal accounts

  • Collects and processes payments and reimbursements for dues, tournaments and apparel (as relevant); 

  • Creates payment buttons for board-approved events and transactions

  • Monitors financial health of the club and provides insights and updates on financial status

  • Provides annual financial reports and periodic summaries of financial status

VP, Outreach & Member Relations

  • Main point of contact for new members 

  • Onboards new members and assists with introduction to sport and club

  • Spends time 1:1 as needed with new members

VP, Operations and Logistics

  • Manages club equipment 

  • Orders new equipment as needed

  • Manages distribution of equipment across practice locations 

  • Manages equipment for home and away tournaments

VP, Training & Skill Sets

  • Identify target areas of improvement for the club from a water polo perspective

  • Provides insights on practice structure based on factors including member feedback, pool availability, tournament schedule, etc. 

  • Learns and stays abreast of changes in rules and style of play in order to teach and share with the club

VP, Member Engagement 

  • Supports new members as they onboard to the club

  • Brings new ideas and thoughts from the club to the board’s attention for impact

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