Cinnamon Lake Friendly

5th Annual Cinnamon Lake Friendly 

Tournament Details

We are excited to announce the 5th Annual Cinnamon Lake Friendly! This outdoor, day long tournament will be hosted on Saturday, June 29 with carryover time and open water on Sunday. Tournament teams will be put together scramble style with number of teams / players to be finalized in June (anticipate playing 4 games). All games will be self reff'ed - so be nice. 

We will be capping the tournament at 60 participants with 30 lodge and 30 camping spots available (staying overnight is not required, but is recommended for a good time). 

Guests / non-players are also welcome to stay in the lodge or camping site and can reserve their spot by using the paypal button below - same costs applies. Campers must pay exact cost at the gate upon arrival - no change will be provided $26.75.  

Register here.  

Cost for tourney: $25
Cost for lodge stay: $20
Camping (pay at gate)

Choose all that apply

A one day, rec-league style lake tournament in West Salem, Ohio (about 45 min south of Cleveland). This tournament will consist of randomly assigned teams based on experience and number of players. 

Cinnamon Lake in West Salem, Ohio. Ron and his neighbors have kindly opened their community up to our teams to play some polo. The lake games will be played just off the beach in front of the lodge at the center of the community. Parking will be available at the lodge.

366 County Road 620
West Salem, OH 44287

*At the front gate let them know you are there for water polo, they will direct you to the lodge. 

Saturday, June 29


There will be 30 lodge spots available. These can be reserved via purchase first come first serve. You must bring your own air mattresses, pillows, sleeping gear, etc. 

You may choose to camp in the Cinnamon Lake camping ground 2 miles from the lodge. Please notify the front gate upon arrival that you are camping. There is a ~$27 camping fee per tent that will need to be paid upon arrival. This is in addition to you tournament entry fee. Please make sure you register for the tournament and anticipate paying for your tent upon arrival. 

Meals are on your own. As of right now there is NOT a food truck booked, please anticipate bringing your own food or purchasing from the restaurant out front. Charcoal grills are located near the lodge. You will not be be permitted to use the stove top/microwaves in the lodge and limited fridge space will be available. Anticipate bringing a cooler and remember all adult beverages must be in cans - no glass. 

Make sure to bring your own snacks!

Not a CWPC Member
Please sign our updated online waiver. If you have signed this form last year there is no need to do so again. You do not have to pay dues to play in the tournament, only entry fee and have a completed waiver. 

Cinnamon Lake Rules 
If you intend on bringing any rafts/paddleboards/kayaks please note that any non-inflatable must be quarantined for two weeks down at Cinnamon Lake prior to the event. Inflatable tubes, etc are fine, but any plastic/fiber glass floating vessels must be quarantined prior to the event. Please reach out to Ron for more details. 

Weather Updates
We plan to host rain or shine! We will follow proper safety precautions when it comes to thunderstorms and games will be carried over to Sunday as needed.

All cancellation requests for any reason must be made by Wednesday, June 26  by 5pm EST for a full refund. 

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