Wednesday, September 20, 2023

CSU Thursdays Are Back!


We just got word that CSU practices will resume starting 9/28 from 7:30-9:00pm at Busbey Natatorium!  See updated September schedule below.


Monday, September 11, 2023

CWPC+ Team Goes 3-1 in Indy


Congrats to the CWPC, Case & Cincy folks who had an impressive weekend of polo at the Endless Summer Tournament hosted by Indianapolis Masters Team! With new faces and new friends, the team quickly aligned and got into a groove that lead to a 3-1 outcome on the day. 

W CWPC+ 14 - Illinois State Uni 12

W CWPC+ 14 - MWPA 4

L CWPC+ 12 - Purdue 15

W CWPC+ 14 - Indy Masters 10

Kudos For the Team

Defense .. Defense .. Defense .. 

While some folks were busy getting hat tricks after playing 2 amazing quarters in goal (Tepe), others were creating a wall of defense brick by brick like our own Annie P & Aaron Thompson. They played lights outs, textbook defense from 2M - 2M - especially when AT literally held a guy on the top and forced him back almost all the way to his own 2M line.. Speaking of defense, Jen is living in her CWPC debut era covering the cage 50% of all games, taking on her first 5M shot and making some sick blocks! Fronting on defense seemed to work well against many teams and we hope to continue to try new ways of playing the game! 

Offense .. Offense .. Offense .. 

So many great offensive plays this weekend. Our Camping Case Crew made an amazing showing with sweet offensive turns by Kalista and Diarmuid really catching his groove and hitting those goals in the afternoon. The CWPC & Cincy friendships continued to grow as Adam and Lucas found themselves as long lost brothers hitting quick passes along the 2M for several repeat goals. Connor held down the fort as resident leftie and hit some quick goals throughout the day and Adam was nearly unbeatable off the sprint. Telepathy continued with goalie to goalie pass (Jen to Tepe) for a goal that no one was expecting, but everyone loved. While some were busy scoring goals, others like Lucas, were hitting goalies in the head and giving polo 101 tutorials in set. Building up goalies and short kings one game at time! Charlie on the other hand found his sweet spot shooting from the top and even padded his stats with a triple self assist! Speaking of drives ... Elisabeth moved the ball and players around the pool like she owned the place - even if the refs disagreed. And last but not least Trish was uncontested the most hydrated player of the tournament and didn't embarrass herself in front of her boss. 

Thank you all for a great weekend and thanks Indianapolis Masters for a GREAT tourney! 

Photo Cred Indy Masters

Thursday, September 7, 2023



·         Hometown: St Louis Mo
·         Family members? Mom, Dad, and Sister (4 years younger than me)
·         Did any of them play polo? Dad and Mom both played polo. Mom in high school and Dad in Highschool, college and masters until he hurt his shoulder. He still coaches. 
·         Where do you live now? Live in Lakewood. If you ever take the Warren exit you drive right by my place!
·         What is your occupation? I’m a Physician assistant. Pulmonology (lungs) and ReCOVer Clinic
·         What is one random fact about your job or career most people don’t know? Fun fact about the lungs: Right lung is larger than the left, 3 lobes on right vs 2 on the left, as the left side needs room for the heart. 
·         What is one random fact about yourself most people might not know? I am a huge board game fan. Seriously could play them for hours. If anyone wants to have a game night just let me know, I’m in! 

·         Years playing polo? Been playing polo since sophomore year in Highschool.(15 years) Fun fact: Our high school did not have a women’s team at the time, so I played co-ed with the boys and was only girl on the team. 
·         Years w/CWPC? Started playing with CWPC 2016, minus when I move away for short period of time for grad school. 
·         Favorite CWPC memory? Cincinnati tournament 2017/2018? Had to get the guys to carry Akron Rob out of the bar to Airbnb, chase Grant down the street and X had the largest pizza ever, Plus im pretty sure we fit the whole team in the sauna. Great time!

·         Favorite post polo snack & beverage? Seasoned fries and a cider/blue moon at Merry Arts
·         Favorite position to play? Hole set
·         Favorite tournament so far? Quarry is always a good time!
·         How many polo suits do you own? Way too many! I have 5 that I actively use, plus a couple more that just hang around the bottom of the drawer.
·         Favorite brand or style of suit? Speedo endurance reverse zip.
·         When was the last time you wore a swim cap under your game cap? Not for a very long time, probably college

·         What is your favorite part about water polo in general? I love how small and close knit the waterpolo community is.  Can go to any polo event in the US and will likely run into someone you know, or have some kind of connection with. 
·         How did you get involved with CWPC? Found out about CWPC through Kyle Tepe and Shami after my college program was cut and wanted to keep playing so I started showing up

·         Why do you stick around? Love the environment and friends I have made through CWPC
·         Describe your ideal practice – Ideal practice: 20 mins warm up, 20 mins drills, and 80 mins scrimmage full court 6v6

·         Favorite piece of water polo advice anyone has ever given you? If you don’t have a hand up on six on five you’re doing it wrong. (Talking about defense)


Comments from the peanut gallery ... 

"Danielle is friendly, knowledgeable about the game and owns a portable grill..." 
"1 of 2 father-daughter squads to play at the quarry!" 
"Her dad played at the quarry??" 

"It really shows a persons character when they remain friends with the person who broke their hand.." 
"Best moment has to be her having TOO much fun at Arepazo and scoring like 8 goals at practice later.." 
"Danielle Summers ... queen of the grill! Expert hot dog griller and high noon aficionado!" 
"Hater of practicing man up: 5 on 4 and passing groups of more than 3!" 
"Danielle is great and I love having her around!"

Thank you, Danielle, for being a tremendous addition to our team and CONGRATS on being such a BALLER! 

Wednesday, August 23, 2023

Fall Schedule is Coming!

 Last Outdoor at Foster Pool

8/29 will be our last outdoor Tuesday practice at Foster Pool! Let's plan on another intramural game! Please reach out to Trish if you'd like to help with table/reffing/ coaching!

Indy Tourney Sign Ups are OPEN

Sept 9th outside Indianapolis, IN

Outdoor, 4 games, 1 day only

Link to sign ups

Toronto Poll is now OPEN

Let's go to Toronto, eh?

9/29 - 10/1 

Link to Poll


Thank you all who helped out with Quarry things this past weekend and shout out to CWPC Quarry Champs! And thank you Kyle & Kacy for putting on another banger!