Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Lake Erie Classic Deadline, Practice Reminders

Lake Erie Classic Signups

The registration deadline to play on our CWPC team(s) for the LEC is officially 4/1.  Be sure to fill out this form by then!  

Practice Reminders

This Thursday 3/23 and next Thursday 3/30 are still canceled.  Sundays and Tuesdays are on at LHS for the remainder of the month!

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

March Baller of the Month

 Congratulations, Paul 

  • Name: Paul Chialastri

  • Hometown: Flourtown, PA

  • Family members? Mother Trish, father Gregg, sister Kate and brother Alex

  • Did any of them play polo? My brother Alex played goalie for my college club team

  • Where do you live now? Ohio city

  • What is your occupation? Urologist

  • What is one random fact about urology most people don’t know? Tea causes kidney stones !

  • Years playing polo? 5 years in college club team, two in a masters league out of Villanova

  • Years w/CWPC? In my second

  • Favorite CWPC memory: the cinnamon lake friendly last summer, playing outside was just scenic can’t wait for this year !

  • Favorite post polo snack & beverage: subway bmt

  • Favorite position to play: right wing

  • Favorite tournament so far: Michigan

  • How many polo suits do you own? Two

  • What is your favorite part about water polo in general? Good exercise with team play, always hated just swimming laps

  • Fun fact about yourself: my left foot is much smaller than my right

  • How did you get involved with CWPC? Just found on google via the website !

  • Why do you stick around? The people, nicest group that likes to play and be around each other. It’s my favorite thing about cleveland

  • Favorite quote: don’t know any!

  • Describe your ideal practice – outside at avon on Sunday with enough for a good scrimmage

  • Favorite piece of water polo advice anyone has ever given you? Do your work early in hole, defense and offense

  • What does your wife say about your water polo career? that it is good that I consistently get out of the house and hardly miss any practices !

  • Favorite water polo suit of all time? (describe it) a baby blue Speedo in college

  • Favorite water polo drill? UCLA

  • What do you love about Cleveland? The friendly people, local breweries, and edgewater dog park in the summer

What his teammates say about Paul ...

"Who knew we needed more lefties, but Paul has been a great addition to the team! He's thoughtful and wants everyone to have a chance to have a good time." 
"What a nice guy. Also, he has a denim couch. What's not to like?"
"Gossip king of the team!" 

"Paul Chi ...Chi ..Chi..Chialastri!"
"Paul is pretty darn good at water and is always willing to jump in when needed."
 "Glad to have him around!"
"Chia-lastri is pure gold"
"Genuinely a nice guy and solid in set" 
"I like Paul."
"Best backhand fake on the team."
"One of my three favorite lefties on the team" 

Thank you, Paul, for being a great part of our team! 

Monday, February 27, 2023

Sign up for Lake Erie Classic! Look at the March practice schedule!

LEC Signups

Lake Erie Classic, our home tournament, is April 15th-16th at Cleveland State University.  

Dues-paying members are eligible for free entry to the tournament; please fill out the official sign-up form to register for your spot.  

March Practice Schedule

Tuesday, February 21, 2023

"MotorLand" Goes 1-3 at Nutty Invitational

Cincy Tourney Recap

CWPC sent a small group to the Ohio Squirrel's annual Nutty Invitational at University of Cincinnati, where we combined with a group from Motor City to play as "MotorLand."  We took losses from Squirrels Blue, Wolverine, and University of Cincinnati while beating our friends from Case.  Some highlights:

  • (At least) three goals by Aaron
  • Great defense and one particularly vicious field block by Elisabeth
  • Danielle endlessly holding position in set while not always receiving support from her teammates
  • Rachel driving through to set multiple times, rebalancing the offense when no one else would take initiative 
  • Jack pulling double duty for Columbus and MotorLand but showing no signs of fatigue in the pool
  • Kyle dusting off the field cap for some winded but moderately successful two minute shifts
  • Lots of players from other teams showing interest in the...

Lake Erie Classic

As previously announced the Lake Erie Classic will be held at Cleveland State on April 15th and 16th this year.  Can't get here soon enough!