Sunday, February 24, 2008

Registration forms - please download

I created a registration form and a bank account for the club that will make it easier to collect dues and so you don't have to remember $5 each practice.

Everyone needs to download the form by clicking here. Please print a copy, fill it out accordingly and bring a check made out to "Cleveland Water Polo Club." Players traveling will need to have this turned in before they are able to participate.

FAQs about the club registration

Q. Who needs to fill this out?
A. Everyone who wants to practice or play in tournaments for the club, regardless of student status.

Q. Where is the money going?
A. Dues collected will pay entry fees for tournaments, cover pool rental and any leftover will be kept for equipment expenses.

Q. Who must pay?
A. Everyone, regardless of student status. Drop in fees will remain at $5, but there will be a maximum of 3 drop ins before full membership is due.

Q. Why is the club moving to this payment format?
A. As more people come in and out, it becomes very difficult to track attendance and collect dues. This will allow us to negotiate low pool rental fees by paying up front. Also, during tournament season, the club must submit payments before an event.

Q. Where is our club bank account?
A. The account is at National City Bank. I am the only person with access. This can change as the club looks to create a leadership structure.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

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