Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sign ups - Dayton and Pittsburgh

We are confirmed for entry at Dayton March 1 and 2. Sign up will take place at practice tonight. Those in attendance get first crack at signups, after that it is first come, first served with preference given to players with better attendance records. Attendance takes precedence over email.

There are more tournaments to come, namely OU and Akron.

I need a volunteer to coordinate travel and lodging. Please contact me if you can assist the club this way.

Last week we had 11 sign up for Pittsburgh, meaning there are only 5 spots left (see below). If your name does not appear, you are not on the list yet, but I have already received interest from several people about Dayton.

Host: University of Dayton Water Polo
Date: March 1 and 2
Cost: $275 per team
Format: 8-team, 4 games per team
Expected teams: Ohio/Indiana area, mostly colleges
Players committed: None as of today, some have expressed interest
- official signup at practice on 2/7

Host: Carnegie Mellon University Water Polo
Date: March 29 and 30
Cost: $315 per team
Format: 8-team, 4 games per team
Expected teams: some Ohio, mostly PA, West NY, mostly colleges
Players committed: (5 spots remaining)
  1. Steve T.
  2. Mo B.
  3. Larry K.
  4. Carl W.
  5. Hany Y.
  6. Matt Y.
  7. Tom F.
  8. Jason B.
  9. Greg M.
  10. Kevin Z.
  11. Johnny R.

If you believe you signed up and you are not listed let me know via email. I did not include people who have said they want to travel, but did not sign up at practice. (Please don't panic, there are still spots left) The goal is to include anyone who wants to be included while encouraging attendance and being fair.

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