Monday, March 31, 2008

Akron and OU rosters as of 3/31

Here is the list of those signed up for Akron (this weekend) and OU (next weekend). Please contact me if you want to be on either.

Akron will not require lodging, but carpools can be arranged. OU will require lodging, and I would like to ensure everyone has a place prior to hitting the road, so please let me know if you are interested in sharing a room.

Akron, April 5-6 - game schedule:
Spots are available, email me now.

(updated 4/3)
  1. Bob B.
  2. Tom F.
  3. Steve T.
  4. Kevin Z.
  5. Dave Du.
  6. Wade
  7. Johnny
  8. Eric F.
  9. Eric S.
  10. Brian B.
  11. Ari
  12. Carl W. (main team is Cleveland)
  13. Steve H. (backup only - main team is Akron)
  14. Greg M.?
  15. Dylan
  16. Audry
Ohio University, April 12-13
Spots are available, email me now.

  1. Steve H.
  2. Wade
  3. Matt Y.
  4. Brad S.?
  5. Kevin
  6. Steve T.
  7. Carl

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