Thursday, March 27, 2008

Help grow Cleveland Water Polo

Following our practice tonight where a whopping 24 guys showed up, I have sped up my effort to bring more leaders into the management of the club.

Plain and simple, we are growing and it is awesome. The club needs help from committed players to make sure we keep growing and that the quality of the club keeps improving.

There are a bunch of positions available, with descriptions detailed here. Of couse I appointed myself President, but there are some real opportunities to contibute.

Here is a list of the postions available:
- President (Kevin Ziegler, self-appointed)
- Vice President
- Treasurer
- Social Chair
- Coaching Committee Chair
- Coaching Committee Member
- Cleveland State Liaison
- Hathaway Brown Liaison
- Akron Liaison
- Fundraising committee member
- Marketing, promotions and recruitment committee member

If you are interested, please talk to me ASAP. We even need help coordinating the club's participation in Akron and OU tournaments.

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