Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pittsburgh tournament? May 31-June1

The captain of the Pittsburgh (North Allegheny) club we played at CMU has approached us about playing in their May 31-June 1 tournament. If you recall, this team was a very strong group and we played a great game.

Here's the catch - it is a USA Water Polo sanctioned event, meaning our club needs to join. There is a $300 team fee to join and fees are $70 per player per year ($40 for three months) to join USA Water Polo. Off hand I do not know of another sanctioned event (unless we host one). Our best bet for another one is in Chicago.

The main benefit to most clubs of USA membership is a) insurance coverage at all events in case of injury and b) national visibility which helps grow your club.

This one-time cost would have to happen in addition to the normal entry fee.

I am very willing to coordinate this, however I need a show of interest from players who want to go to Pittsburgh for this one AND who will register with USA Water Polo.

Please respond by Friday as I need to confirm or remove our entry in the tournament by the end of the week.

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