Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Practice Weds at CSU

We have practice as scheduled at 7 p.m. at CSU. Please arrive on time as we will have good turnout and will need to maximize our pool time.

A note to new players:

To get to the pool, please enter through the PE Building (go up the huge steps in the old part of the building, not the shiny new rec center entrance) If you go in the rec center they may not know where to send you.

Then go down the stairs on the right, go through the doors and the locker room door is on the right.

If you are unsure on directions, email me

If you are super lost, walk into the stands and shout at one of the speedo-clad guys. That's us.

A note to old players - please help me in welcoming new players

NOTE: Practice times are likely to shift to Tuesday AND Thursday at CSU next. Sunday at HB will remain. Please email me if you have serious objections to this.

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