Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Rochester recap, HB on Weds and Sun this week

HB is on for Weds 1/21 at 7 p.m. Get in shape with us during the week. Sunday is on for 1 p.m. Take advantage of the football break before the Super bowl.


Season opener in Rochester brings first win of 2009
CWPC traveled to Webester, N.Y. (suburb of Rochester) for a weekend tournament Saturday and Sunday. Despite a short bench, the 9-player squad finished 1-3, rounding out the weekend with a victory over Niagara.

On Saturday the team faced Laval, a club from Quebec, and Ontario-based KW Inferno. The experienced Laval club was a major challenge for CWPC featuring a strong pressure defense and strong play on offense at the two-meter position.

After suffering a rout to Laval, CWCP recovered with a strong effort against Inferno.

Playing in a more controlled tempo, CWPC remained within two goals through three quarters to Inferno, before the team ran out of gas in the fourth quarter en route to a loss. A Sunday morning game against eventual tournament champion, Shadows, also of Ontario, mirrored the game against Laval, with counterattack goals crippling Cleveland early in the game.

The final game against Niagara displayed developing team chemistry and team play as CWPC used a combination of strong two-meter play on offense and stiffling half-court defense to hold Niagara to less than 10 goals.

CWPC was represented at Rochester by: Steve T., Steve. H, Carl, Brad, Camilo, Kevin, Bob B. (Canton), Brian B. (Canton) and Steph H (who played like a man).

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