Monday, March 30, 2009

Water Polo Clinic Agenda

For our participants or those interested in our water polo clinic, here is an agenda for the sessions that will help you know what you will learn from our coaching staff:

Day 1 (April 25)- Basic Rules and Fundamentals
  • Basic rules overview
  • Fundamental skills: treading water, body positioning, passing/catching/shooting, swimming with a ball
  • Water polo terminology

Day 2 (May 2) - Team Play Basics

  • Rules continued - understanding types of fouls, shot clock and game clock
  • Setting up a 6-person half court formation for offense and for defense
  • Understanding referees
  • Fundamental skills review with use in team formation

Day 3 (May 9) - Full pool concepts

  • Review of rules and fundamentals
  • Transitioning from offense to defense
  • Team communication and team drills
  • Basics of special formations for penalty situations

Got questions? Email Kevin.

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