Sunday, November 15, 2009

A 1-2 showing at BG, Congrats to Carl

CWPC Goes 1-2 at Bowling Green Tournament
A crew of Ohio University women's team players, along with a few unattached players from the Columbus area joined up with CWPC to go 1-2 over the weekend in games against Central Michigan University, Ohio State University and Central Ohio WPC.

CWPC handled Central Michigan with a 10+ goal win that showcased a controlled game plan on both ends of the pool.

In a hard fought game against OSU, CWPC fell 9-8 after leading at the half. OSU capitalized on fast break opportunities late to put the game out of reach.

In the final game on Sunday against Central Ohio, CWPC scored three goals in the first quarter to take a lead, and stayed in the game through the half before the quick transitions from Central Ohio overmatched the team. CWPC lost in a rout to close the tournament, but due to seeding that placed CWPC in a winner's bracket after the first game, we brought home 5th place honors in the 12-team format.

CWPC loses a bachelor, Congratulations to Carl!
CWPC veteran Carl Weisfelder shared news with team members that he is now engaged to his girlfriend of seven months, Denise. Carl said Denise hails from the Akron area and now lives in Greater Cleveland. Planning is underway for a summer 2010 wedding. Feel free to share your congratulatory notes here at

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