Sunday, November 8, 2009

Great Sunday Practice, Thursdays Practice Tentative, Dues, BG Roster / Schedule

Great scrimmage against Akron this Sunday and thanks to Akron for making the trip up to HB!

As we gear up for this week here are a few thing to be aware of.

Invoices for dues will be sent out by Wade this week. Many of us, myself included, have outstanding balances. Please be vigilant in paying your balances as soon as possible. We will also update the blog so that you can pay for your BGSU tournament fee this week.

Practice this Thursday
Practice is still scheduled for Thursday at CSU at 7:30 PM. As many of you know, I mentioned that we might not have pool time due to high school swim season starting. Scott and I are looking into this. Please plan on checking the website and your email regularly for updates.

BG Roster
So far we have the following attending. It is not to late to sign up, please email me ( asap if you can attend! Also, remember, the cost to attend the tournament is $25 a person. We will figure out the hotel and travel arrangements tonight / tomorrow.

1) Steve H.
2) Steve T.
3) Kevin Z.
4) Matt K.
5) Alex V.
6) Brad S.
7) Preetha S.
8) Nico
9) Carl
10) Wade (Tentative)

BG Schedule
Below is information regarding the BG Tournament. Should you have any additional questions please let me know.

Teams: Akron University

Ball State University

Bowling Green State University

Central Michigan University

Central Ohio WPC

Cleveland WPC

Ohio Squirrels WPC

Ohio State University

Purdue University

Team Chicago WPC

Western Michigan University

Xavier University

Game Play:

Games will be 4x6 minute quarters (we will switch over to 5 minute quarters if we fall behind) with 2 minutes between quarters, 3 minutes at half, and two-2 minute timeouts per team. Officiating the tournament will be referees Peter Pappas (returning from last year) and Andy Terrien. The tournament set up will be very similar to last year’s. Each team’s first game determines if they are in the upper or lower bracket. From there, each team plays championship-style within their bracket.


Each team plays their opening game; the winners and losers are split into their own groups.

Teams then play within their new grouping (upper 6 and lower 6).

Upper: Lower:

Winner game #1-A Loser game #1-G

Winner game #2-B Loser game #2-H

Winner game#3-C Loser game #3-I

Winner game #4-D Loser game #4-J

Winner game #5-E Loser game #5-K

Winner game #6-F Loser game #6-L

Teams are then ranked 1-6 within their bracket (A=Upper, B=Lower) based on their record during tournament play. If two teams in the same bracket have the same record after tournament play, goal differential will be used to determine seeding in championship play.


1. 11:00-11:45am BG vs. OSU

2. 11:50-12:35pm Cleveland vs. Central Mi.

3. 12:40-1:25pm Central Oh. vs. BSU Opening Game

4. 1:30-2:15pm Western Mi. vs. Akron

5. 2:20-3:05pm Squirrels vs. Xavier

6. 3:10-3:55pm Purdue vs. Chicago

7. 4:00-4:45pm C vs. F

8. 4:50-5:35pm G vs. I

9. 5:40-6:25pm B vs. A

10. 6:30-7:15pm H vs. K

11. 7:20-8:05pm D vs. E

12. 8:10-8:55pm L vs. J Tournament Play

13. 9:00-9:45am C vs. B

14. 9:50-10:35am G vs. H

15. 10:40-11:25am E vs. A

16. 11:30-12:15am I vs. L

17. 12:20-1:05pm D vs. F

18. 1:10-1:55pm J vs. K

19. 2:00-2:45pm B5 vs. B6-11th place

20. 2:50-3:35pm A1 vs. A2-1st place

21. 3:40-4:25pm A5 vs. A6-5th place Championship Play

22. 4:30-5:15pm A3 vs. A4-3rd place

23. 5:20-6:05pm B1 vs. B2-7th place

6:10-6:55pm B3 vs. B4-9th place

See Everyone Thursday!

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