Thursday, March 4, 2010

Practice 1-3 Sunday, at HB & OU Info

Practice will be this Sunday from 1-3 PM at HB. We had 17 last week, keep the great numbers up!

OU will be next weekend, here are the high level points you need to know now:
  • Games will not start until 12:00 Noon on Saturday
  • Hotels will be scheduled during the middle of next week, if you need a place to stay please email Matt (
  • Current Roster is below - you will see we are taking all our speed. A few Akron players will be joining us in addition to the roster below. There is still room, please email Matt as soon as possible to confirm your spot. Remember, it cost $25 to play in the tournament. (
  1. Kevin Z.
  2. Wade W.
  3. Steve T.
  4. Matt K.
  5. Larry K.
  6. Preetha
  7. Eric B.
  8. Carl W.
  9. Dr. Dave (tentative - I know I can barely believe it as well)
  10. Brad S. (90% confirmed)
Dues & Registration: Please make sure that you re-register for both Cleveland Water Polo and via American Water Polo as soon as possible. Registrations were due a few weeks again, and I know we have several still outstanding. Also, make sure that you begin to plan for your Summer dues. You can pay for them now via the website, or by giving a check to Matt, Kevin, or Wade.

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