Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Weekly Update - See you in the Water

All - A few quick things. First, please check out the new design of the website. In an attempt to continue to improve how we communicate with the team, we have redesigned the website. This is just the first phase in what we hope help make it easier for everyone to find out club information, purchase club merchandise, register for club events, and pay dues.

Second, practice this week is as follows:

Wednesday @ Akron ONAT - Scrimmage - 7:45 PM

Thursday @ CSU - Practice - 7:30 PM

Sunday @ HB - Practice - 1:00 PM

Third, everyone should have received an email from Wade, Kevin or me regarding dues. Please be diligent in paying any outstanding dues, as well as pre-paying for the remainder of the year. Our dues are the life blood of the organization, and will continue to help pay for pool time, caps, balls and hopefully a new set of goals.

Fourth, and finally, below is the tentative roster for Bowling Green - Oct 16-17. Once I have a schedule in had, it will be posted on the blog. For now, plan on leaving Saturday morning, and returning Sunday after 6pm.

  1. Steve T.
  2. Steve H.
  3. Kevin Z.
  4. Kevin A.
  5. Preetha
  6. Nico
  7. Maura
  8. Bruce
  9. Steph H. (Sunday)
  10. Tom S.
  11. Alex V.
  12. Wade

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