Monday, January 24, 2011

Recap from 616

The team traveled this past weekend in sub-zero temperatures to Grand Rapids, where the area code is 616, for a tournament against master's and college clubs.

CWPC played four games, playing Saturday against Michigan State University, Legends of 616 and Defcon of Chicago. Our final game Sunday was a rematch with the Legends.

The team featured a mix of players from Akron and guest players including Brendan Blume, Pete Zien and Eric Brattinga. We also welcomed Notre Dame College recruit Ahmed Mam. Everyone played very hard to best represent Cleveland.

We finished 0-4, but it was an enjoyable time with highlights in each game. Steve Horsfield played very well in goal, Brendan was able to score in each game from 2m and Pete and Ahmed both were respected outside shooters.

Looking ahead to Bowling Green in two weeks, the team will work significantly on counterattack defense and passing in the set offense.

Photos to come from Natasha Brattinga.

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