Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bowling Green / Practice this week

Cleveland Water Polo will be traveling to Bowling Green this Saturday and Sunday to compete in the annual BG Spring Tournament. Currently the following members are planning on attending:

  1. Matt K.
  2. Kevin Z.
  3. Maura D.
  4. Steve H.
  5. Steph H.
  6. Steve T.
  7. Mike
  8. Kevin A.
  9. Wade W.
  10. Nico P.
  11. Eric B.
  12. Kyle F.
If you are interested in attending, there is still room. Please contact Matt at (matt@teamworkonline.com) to reserve a spot. Cost to attend is $35, and is payable via the website. Hotel and travel arrangements will be made later this week.

Practice this week will ONLY be held at Akron on Wednesday starting at 8pm. Practice this Sunday at HB will be canceled due to the team traveling.

Stay safe with the incoming weather and please let me know if you are interested in attending BG this weekend.

See you in the water.


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