Monday, March 7, 2011

Practice this week, Up coming Tournaments

Great full-tank practice this past Sunday. We are looking forward to some other great sessions both Wednesday and Sunday of this week.

Practice Schedule:
Practice this week will be held Wednesday, 8pm at Akron, and Sunday, 1pm at HB. We are preparing for both Dayton and CMU in the upcoming weeks, so everyone's attendance is critical.

The plan for this week will be to work on some fundamental positioning, and then scrimmage for the majority of both practices.

CSU Practices - We are actively working on scheduling practice time at CSU for this spring, summer, and fall. Once pool time is secured, we will make everyone aware.

If you have not already done so, please pay your seasonal dues via the website immediately. For those that attended BG, please be sure to pay your tournament fees ASAP.

Upcoming Tournaments:
Looking forward to our upcoming tournaments, we will be joining forces with Akron at CMU (March 26-27). Once we have a better handle on how many Cleveland players will be playing with Akron, we will being to request players to commit. Looking forward to Dayton (March 19-20) we have the following scheduled to attend. If you are interested in attending please reach out to me directly -
  1. Steve H.
  2. Steph H.
  3. Steve T.
  4. Maura
  5. Matt K.
  6. Mike
  7. Eric B.
  8. Carl W.
See you in the water this week.

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