Sunday, March 25, 2012

Please mark your pre-order preferences for apparel

New CWPC gear on the way
CWPC is designing new apparel, including t-shirts, suits and sweatshirts, for purchase. To help us keep pricing low, could you please indicate items you wish to buy?

(You will not be billed at this time. Once we have a quantity estimate, we will share finalized designs and pricing.)

T-shirts will be similar to the original (see here) but in a different color. Sweatshirts and water polo suits are being designed.


Practice this week at CSU
We had a great full pool scrimmage at HB Sunday. Looking forward to another good session at CSU on Thursday, 3/29 at 8 p.m. and then Sunday, 4/1 at HB at 1 p.m.


Youth water polo update
The last two weeks we have had a group of young players at HB led by Mark Krusinski and Mike Slabe. We are progressing one week at a time. If you have interested youth players (ages 11-15, please email Kevin).

If we continue to solidify a youth group, we will explore additional options related to pool time to facilitate growth. We are excited to be reaching out to younger players that will help us establish a pipeline for our club.

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