Sunday, April 22, 2012

That Was Awesome.

Practice reminder: We will play at CSU on Thursday, 4/26 at 8 p.m. and Sunday, 4/29 at HB at 1 p.m.
Thank you to everyone who: played for our team and others, helped set up and tear down the pool, staffed the scoring table, cheered for our side and helped make our first home tournament a great success. Special thanks to Kevin, who did, like, a really awesome job organizing the event and who is really good at updating the web site and writing posts like this one.

More to come...
We will be posting some photos and weekend highlights here and at our Facebook page. (if you have photos to share, post on Facebook and tag please)

Final Results: Cleveland Invitational
April 21-22 at Cleveland State University

Game #
  •  1  12:00 pm Cleveland-20 John Carroll-5   
  •  2  12:55 pm Akron-5 CWRU-8   
  •  3  1:40 pm Ohio Northern-12 Dayton-9   
  •  4  2:35 pm Columbus-10  Ohio University-5   
  •  5  3:40 pm Cleveland-12  Ohio Northern-8   
  •  6  4:35 pm Akron-7   Columbus-15   
  •  7  5:20 pm John Carroll-4  Dayton-10  
  •  8  6:45 pm CWRU-5  Ohio University-11  
  •  9  7:40 pm Cleveland-17  Dayton-6  
  •  10  8:35 pm Akron-7  Ohio University-13
  •  11  8:45 am John Carroll-14  Ohio Northern-8  
  •  12  9:40 am CWRU-6  Columbus-18  
  •  13  10:35 am A2 (Ohio Northern)-5   B2 (Ohio University)-9 
  •  14  11:30 am A4 (John Carroll)-5   B4 (Akron)-16 
  •  15  12:25 am A3 (Dayton)-9   B3 (CWRU)-10  
  •  16  1:25 pm  A1 (Cleveland)-9   B1 (Columbus)-12 
1st = Columbus Water Polo
2nd = Cleveland Water Polo
3rd = Ohio University
4th = Ohio Northern University
5th = Case Western Reserve University
6th = University of Dayton
7th = University of Akron
8th = John Carroll University


Dave Dietz said...

Congratulations to Kevin, not only on the tournament but for also establishing a thriving water polo community here in Cleveland. I never thought I'd see a water polo tournament in Cleveland, OH. Great job, Kevin.

Unknown said...

Thanks Dave!