Monday, October 15, 2012

Please read about the past two Sundays, $10 credit

Hello friends. Kevin here.

We have had some frustrating miscues that have led to practice cancellation on short notice the last two weeks. Many of you drive a long distance and plan your day around this, and we are especially disappointed to have caused that inconvenience.

Additionally, as we are asking you to pay your Q4 2012 dues, which includes October, and we recognize we have not delivered the full value of your membership. In response to this, we will be crediting $10 to the account of anyone who pays Q4 dues. After you pay online, it will be applied back to your card.

Please note that we have practice on Thursday, Oct. 18 at CSU at 8 p.m. This has been confirmed. We will not practice at HB on Sunday, Oct. 21 due to a swim meet. Like everyone, I look forward to playing each week, so I am frustrated, and I also take responsibility for correcting the errors.

In the meantime, if you have not already, please join our communications channels to ensure you receive the latest updates. You can also send me feedback directly via email.
Over the next week, we will be sharing with you pending changes to our club structure, which we hope will improve the value of our membership and prepare us to actively grow the sport of water polo in Northeast Ohio. We appreciate your continued participation and support.


Kevin Ziegler

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