Monday, February 18, 2013

Last call for Cincy, See you Thursday

Upcoming Practices
  • Thursday, Feb 21 at CSU at 8pm (seriously, the NDC girls are coming this time, says Kittle)
  • Sunday, Feb 24 at HB at 1 pm (pool will be open while team is traveling

Ohio Squirrels Tournament Roster, Feb. 23-24 in Cincinnati
(as of 2/18)

If you don't see your name, that means you have not signed up yet. Please do that here.

  1. Patrick Reville
  2. Preetha Sinha
  3. Carl Weisfelder
  4. Vince Scalici
  5. Maggie Breloff
  6. Rick Colby
  7. Shami Entenman
  8. Eric Brattinga
  9. Nencho Teller
  10. Steve Trow (Saturday)
  11. Nico Pishnery
  12. Kasi David
  13. Robin Grioni
  14. Louie Clark

Registration is open for these tournaments

  • March 9-10 at University of Akron (registration now available)
  • March 30-31 at UNC
  • April 13-14 at Cleveland State

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