Sunday, February 10, 2013

Tournament Roster for Squirrels (get on the list by registering)

Upcoming Practices
  • Thursday, Feb 14 at CSU (Valentine's Day)
  • Sunday, Feb 17 at 1 p.m. at HB (scrimmage with NDC Women, for real this time)

Ohio Squirrels Tournament Roster, Feb. 23-24 in Cincinnati
(as of 2/10)
If you don't see your name, that means you have not signed up yet. Please do that here
  1. Patrick Reville
  2. Preetha Sinha
  3. Carl Weisfelder
  4. Vince Scalici
  5. Maggie Breloff
  6. Rick Colby
  7. Kyle Tepe
  8. Shami Entenman
Don't be last to please pay your dues. Deadline is Feb 15
Please pay your dues promptly through Paypal or credit card here. Thank you to the many individuals who have paid already. After February 15, you will not be eligible to participate if you have not paid. We now have recurring payment options available. You can also pay at practice via credit card when Kevin is there.

If you did not receive an invoice and you have not paid dues, please contact Wade.

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