Tuesday, March 5, 2013

CWPC Leadership Updates

CWPC Members and Friends,

This December we re-organized our club, electing a new group of five directors. At the first quarterly meeting, held, Sunday, Feb. 17, the directors elected club officers for a one-year term as specified in our byelaws. For 2013, they are:

  • Kasi David, President
  • Steve Trow, Vice President (non-director)
  • Wade Weber, Treasurer
  • Brendon Friesen, Secretary
  • Maura Dickinson and Kevin Ziegler are voting directors
This means there will be a transition and expansion of duties and leadership roles, which will benefit our club. A few specific areas of focus:

  • Masters Program Quality: Kasi will take on the primary leadership role for the club which will include shaping our competitive approach (practice structure and tournament entries) with input from Steve Trow and the directors.
  • Water Polo Development: Led by Maura and Kasi, we are exploring opportunities to develop or enhance water polo programs at area colleges and high schools.
  • Member Communications: Kevin will continue to manage clevelandwaterpolo.com and our other communications channels.
  •  Administration: Wade and Brendon are continuing to evaluate and manage administrative priorities such as budgeting and risk management.
As the board continues to evaluate opportunities to improve our club, we will continue to seek your input. We all share a commitment to water polo in Cleveland, and we are looking forward to a productive year.


P.S. Here is the Akron tournament schedule.

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