Thursday, June 13, 2013

Last call on 616 (we have to make final call today)

If you are planning to sign up for 616 (June 21-23 in Grand Haven, Michigan), please register now. We need approximately 9-10 people registered by 5 p.m. Friday to field a team. If we have fewer, we will have to notify the organizers that we are dropping out and we will refund entry fees.

Here is the latest roster as of 6/13:
  1. Vince
  2. Selnur (friend of Vince from Columbus)
  3. Annie
  4. Eric Brattinga
  5. Eric Brattinga friend
  6. Kyle Tepe
  7. Kyle Tepe friend (needs to register)
  8. Kasi (needs to register)
  9. Maggie (maybe, going to wedding nearby, needs to register)
  10. McKelvey Packard (maybe, needs to register)
  11. Atahan Yaya (needs to register)

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