Monday, August 11, 2014

Practice On for Tonight

Join us in Lakewood 8-10pm (after the GG9 game of course)

Come cheer on your fellow CWPC teammates today at Case Western's Pool as they take on the Toronto Triggerfish at 3pm and West Hollywood at 7pm

Parking Reminder
People should park in Veale Garage, which is unfortunately not free (about $2/hr up to $10/day)  The address is
2158 Adelbert Road
Cleveland, OH 44106
From the garage walk southwest into the Veale Center.  There are two pools in the basement, Donnell Pool and Veale Natatorium.  We are going to Veale.  Searching "Veale Garage" and "Veale Center" both bring up the correct locations on Google Maps. 

***Olympians please be at the pool an hour before the game begins if possible to catch up with the team and get in a good warm up.

Congratulations on a first GG9 game last night.
CWPC fell valiantly to San Francisco Tsunami 10 to 17.

Thanks to all our fans in the stands as well... way to represent Cleveland!

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