Sunday, May 6, 2018

May Baller of the Month

Name: Justin Carmody, "Mody"

Years Playing Polo:  Mody started playing club water polo when he was 12 years old for CHAWP thanks to his number one fan, his mom. Growing up, Mody was very much involved in racing motocross. Dedicating most of his younger years to racing dirt bikes and originally used water polo as a form of cross training to help out with his endurance.Going into my freshman year, he was actually against the idea of trying out for his h.s. team. With some helpful motivation from my mom (basically she said stop being a lazy ass) and he joined the Claremont High School team and has been playing ever since. 
CWPC will forever be grateful to Momma Mody for encouraging him to play polo!

Year Playing with CWPC: 3 Years

High School Team: Claremont High School- Claremont, CA

College Team: Citrus College- Azusa, CA and Notre Dame College- Cleveland, OH

Favorite Suit: The original Citrus College suit, the CLE blue & orange suit and a Hungarian National Team suit that his sister Jordan got me while she played over there. Mody regerts he cannot fit into that suit anymore, courtesy of beer and burgs and most likely fries from Merry Arts. 

Favorite position to play: Pretty flexible, he just likes to play. 

Favorite Ron Quote: There are a few. " Can I get a pitcher of Miller and Fries-extra crispy, please." Even though they come out the same every time. "You have to add ice to the wine to prevent the hangover." No scientific backing behind this, but it seems to work for him. "When ya gonna come out to the lake and hang out on the pontoon?" Asked about 400 times a summer and if you read the quote, I am sure you pronounced the pontoon part as he would say it. We love you Ron.

Favorite CWPC Memory: Kasi's house parties, the many nights spent at Merry Arts, and spending the summer with the club.

Favorite CWPC Tourney: Cincy this past year for a number of reasons. First we played well as a team and won some tough games. It was an interesting expereince for me in Cincy, Mody says, however the most fun was had after we left and made it back to the AirBnB. So ball from 11:30pm - 9am the next morning, yeah that was fun. For those there, you know what I am talking about. 

What brought you to Cleveland? The opportunity to play water polo and continue my education at Notre Dame College when Brad Silver was the head coach. Met a lot of awesome individuals that are now friends for life. 

What was your first impression of Cleveland? LeBron just moved to Miami and their were people burning jerseys on the street corner. I thought everyone here was a complete nutcase living in a city that was in a decline. Pretty depressing actually.

What keeps you here? Despite what was mentioned above, the time spent here in Cleveland has been only positive. I have experienced almost everything you can in the Cleveland area, met amazing people, and been involved with a water polo community that is like a family to me. Thumbs up all around.

Best polo advice you would give someone? Keep your head on a swivel.

Favorite Post Polo Snack: Beer, preferably in a pitcher and a lot of them.

Quote to live by: Don't take it too serious. Try to find humor whenever you can because life is too short to stress the small stuff.

Thank you, Mody, for bringing your fun loving spirit to Cleveland. We all appreciate your dedication to the team, your willingness to play in the goal and your laughs!

Upcoming Practices
  • Tuesday, 5/8, 8:30pm - 10:00pm at LHS
  • Thursday, 5/10, 8:00pm - 10:00pm at CSU
  • Sunday, 5/13, 9:30am - 11:30am at LHS


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