Wednesday, July 7, 2021

July Baller of the Month


  • ·       Hometown
  • Texas Township (Kalamazoo) Michigan  

·       Family members? 

  • Mom & Dad: Gail & David.
  • Sister: Sarah
  • Soon to be niece or nephew :D

·       Did any of them play polo?

  • Every one of them were runners of varying degrees. I was going to join track too in middle school, but before the season started a girl told me I looked like I had a swimmer's body... I guess I've been a swimmer ever since xD.

Here is what Aaron's teammates have to say about him ..."AT is always ready to get in and get practice going and we need more guys like that. He also has the whitest pants this side of the Mississippi. No contest."  

·       Where do you live now?

  •  I bought a house in Bay Village a couple years ago. I previously lived in Old Brooklyn near the zoo.


·       What is your occupation?

  • I'm a material scientist / test engineer at NASA Glenn Research Center. When I'm not stuck at home from the pandemic [still 😒] pushing papers, I get to work on developing, testing, and 3D printing new metal alloys.

·       What is one random fact about NASA most people don’t know?

  • Lots of people don't even know there's a NASA center in OHIO let alone 2! There are a total of 18 centers across the country.  

·       Years playing polo?

  • 13 

More thoughts from CWPC ..."As an avid member of the CWPC labor committee, I'm glad he was able to remove 10 tons of dirt from my yard"  

·       Years w/CWPC?

  • 5, but I was around here and there while I was at CWRU. 


·       Favorite CWPC memory

  • Too many to count xD
  • Quarry 2017, 616 at the lake house (Aaron Johnson hiding in the bushes), The hippie airbnb with the sauna...
  • One of my first LEC tourney's while I still played with CWRU I remember watching CWPC vs one of the Army / millitary academy club teams... It was a bunch of super serious jocks with their jock coach and CWPC had just come back from drinking at lunch... People were just about falling in the pool, but it was probably one of the strongest lineups cwpc has ever had. CWPC was winning handily while hammered off their asses, and the other team was getting super pissed off which just made them play even worse. I just remember it being the funniest thing to watch a bunch of super drunk idiots beating up on this group of jerks (they had been jerks to the cwru team in our game earlier).

Teammates confirm this was a hilarious game....  

·       Favorite post polo snack & beverage

  • Wings and a cider at Merry Arts is always great after Tuesday practice! 

·       What is your favorite cider?

  • There's a bit of a rotating cast..
  • Blake's El Chavo (habanero mango)
  • Downeast (regular and the holiday blend)
  • Cider Boys Peach Cider
  • Magner's
  • There's one I'm still trying to find (I forgot the name) after having it at a cider bar in Toronto. It was a local blueberry mint cider which was very good. 

Fellow Merry Arts enthusiastic says, "AT's pure adoration for cider might be my favorite thing about him ... just maybe."  

"Remember that one time Aaron got clocked in the jaw?"

·       Favorite position to play

  • Wing / Driver (I still can't get used to calling it flat) 

·       Favorite tournament so far

  • I'm a big fan of Toronto. It's just good polo, and a fun city. 

·       How many polo suits do you own?

  • 2; both still from CWRU. I'm waiting for the next CWPC suits run :) 

·       What is your favorite part about water polo in general?

  • Mostly the community it brings. Staying in shape is nice too. 

"I like playing with Aaron, he is a pretty good swimmer and never really has any complaints about the game. He is just happy to be playing. " - CWPC member 

"I'm still waiting for the CWPC sail boat party..."

·       Fun fact about yourself

  • I've been hit by cars on my bike 3 times (don't ride on sidewalks kids.. nobody looks for you there) 

·       How did you get involved with CWPC?

  • The case team introduced me, mostly via Mookie, and Nico. (Nice work friends!) 


·       Why do you stick around?

  • Same reason I play polo in general I guess.. 

·       Favorite quote

  • I am driven by two main philosophies. Know more about the world and I knew yesterday, and lessen the suffering of others. You'd be surprised how far that gets you. -Neil DeGrasse Tyson

·       Describe your ideal practice

  • Avon pool Sunday morning with the metal goals, and full tank scrimmage.

·       Favorite piece of water polo advice anyone has ever given you?

  • IDK that I have a specific favorite, but Grant always gives good advice.  (Are you sure we are talking about the same Grant???) 

Thank you, Aaron, for your appreciation for the game, willingness to jump in the net when we need you and for letting us know when NASA is up to cool sh*t!

P.S. Please never stop supplying us with delicious cookies!


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