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December Baller of the Month



Northeast Ohio Women's Sports Alliance

CWPC has recently become partners with NOWSA, a non-profit organization that provides women with the support, guidance, and information regarding individual and team sports in northeast Ohio. They promote inclusion and encourage all people to find a sport they love and continue their athletic journeys.

Their Mission

NOWSA expands awareness for community-based sports in northeast Ohio, while offering supportive services for individual female athletes, as well as women’s sports teams, their coaches and staff.

Their Vision …

Our hope is that every person, especially girls and women, who wants to integrate sport into their life has the information, access, and support to do so.

How does the CWPA & NOWSA Partnership work?

CWPA has formally joined the NOWSA family giving us access to their support system, guidance and network as needed. We have agreed to remain inclusive and open minded to all athletes regardless of their athletic talent, ability, gender, race, or sexual preference. There is no cost to the CWPC and we hope to grow our networks and support each other’s events and fundraisers in the future.  NOWSA's outreach efforts include their website, social media, trade show visits, local athletic events, and more, which will include the CWPC logo alongside their other partner teams, helping us grow our club and the sport.

 Why partner with NOWSA?

To become more involved in our community and expand our outreach in Northeast Ohio.

Some baller info on the Founders:

·         Names?

Barb Anthony 

Elise Bigley

·         Where do you live?

Currently, Solon.  Grew up in Youngtown! We like to say we have done the tour of Northeast Ohio.  

I live in Shaker Heights, Ohio. I was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh, PA though and came to Northeast Ohio for college and never left. 

·         Have you ever played water polo before?

Yes! I played on the very first team that Mercyhurst had during the 2000-2001 season.  It was a blast and only 1 person on the team had ever played before (and it wasn’t me).  

Nope! But I recently discovered a love for the water after using the pool for physical therapy so I’d definitely be down to watch a match and see what the sport is all about. 

·         What do you like about water polo?

The teamwork and intensity of the sport - generally I love being in the water. 

·         How many suits do you own?

5 or 6

·         What sports do you play now?

I rowed in the Summer League with the Western Reserve Rowing Association this year.  

I will shoot hoops anytime and I would like to find other things to do that my body can handle. 

I play softball in the summer with Northcoast Softball but also love to throw a football around and do any other sports with my friends and family. 

·         Why did you start NOWSA?

Truly, for all of you!  We think that you and other adult athletes deserve help and support to continue to remain active in your club and team.  Most of us do so much through our work, school and families and often the people, us, the athletes, doing the work for the economy and betterment of the community don’t get the same support in return.  We believe that sport can be unifying and helpful for our health and mental health in adulthood and that more resources should be going toward opportunities like CWPC and our other partner organizations.  

I experienced firsthand what it was like to join a team as an adult after being away from sports for so long and the process was not easy. It was a big time commitment, forced me to be vulnerable with a large group of strangers, and caused me a lot of social anxiety. But I learned a lot about the sports and myself and I grew. 

After dedicating so much to the sport, it was hard to see that the community didn’t recognize all the hard work that women put into our sports. I felt embarrassed at times to admit that I still played sports and after an injury forced me to the sidelines, I wanted to help empower others who felt similarly. I want to make the adult sports journey easier and more accessible to anyone who wants to participate. 

·         Do you plan on jumping in with the CWPC?

Maybe!  As long as everyone can be patient with someone who hasn’t played in 20 years. :)

·         What is your favorite post workout snack?

Beer (haha).  Vitamin water, cereal, or anything quick and handy that isn’t too filling. 

 I love having PB&Js and chocolate milk on hand after a workout. It is like a dessert reward from the hard work.

Please feel free to reach out to Trish with any questions regarding our partnership!


Watch this video on NOWSA!


We are reaching out because your organization has had less than 3 submissions in NOWSA's anonymous 2021 Participant survey. Organizations who receive at least 10 responses will be entered into a raffle for one grand prize, including:

  • 10 NOWSA water bottles

  • 10 tickets to the March 5, 2022 Cleveland Monsters Women's History Celebration Game with NOWSA

  • $150 gift certificate to Dick's Sporting Goods or Play it Again Sports -OR- $150 to use for a needs-based scholarship for athlete participation. 

Individual participants are also eligible for prizes after completing the survey!


  1. Complete the survey yourself

  2. Send the survey to all of your adult (18+) participants, including players, leaders, coaches, and staff. If you have short-term programs, please include any seasonal/one time competitors. 

The deadline for submissions is Friday, December 17th.


Upcoming Practices:

  • Sunday, Dec 19 - 9:30am - 11:30am @ LHS
  • Tuesday, Dec 21 - 8:30pm - 10:00PM @ LHS
  • Sunday, Dec 26 - 9:30am - 11:30am @ LHS
  • Tuesday, Dec 28 - 8:30pm - 10:00PM @ LHS
  • Sunday, Jan 2 - 9:30am - 11:30am @ LHS
  • Tuesday, Jan 4
  • Sunday, Jan 16
  • Sunday, Jan 23

Annual Meeting

I. Dates & Times

We would like to host an 2022 Annual Meeting this January to kick off the new year. We would like to consider both in person and virtual options. The in person meeting will not have virtual option due to the logistics of hosting both. Please select all dates/options that work for you. Time of event will be determined once we have a date. Please contact a board member with any questions.

Click Here For Poll

II. Elections

Elections will be held during this meeting for board positions. If you are interested in joining the board please notify a board member by Sunday, Jan 2! 

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