Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Baller of the Month, The Scottish Goalie

Congratulations, Baller of the Month 

Stephen Horsfield, The Scottish Goalie

Name: Stephen Horsfield "the Scottish goalie"

Age: 70
Estimated Years playing polo: 36
Years in Cleveland / Akron: 26 years
Hometown: Sheffield, England
Estimated number of countries polo has been played in: 8
Number of countries lived: 4

As Steve makes his next move to the great state of Alaska, we wanted to wish him well. The team pulled together some of their favorite memories and farewells playing with him over the years ... 

"Steve, thanks for taking on the position of eldest players on CWPC and playing like a youngster. Going to miss lobbing on you and having you throw the ball mid court. Enjoy the grandbaby. A tad more enjoyable than polo and a lot more energy required! - Steve T (younger Steve) 

"THAT'S WHERE THE DEVIL SLEEPS will forever be my favorite water polo quote and highest compliment I'll ever receive as a shooter. Thank you for your willingness to play, your unique trash talking and for your love of the game. You will be missed! - Trish 

"Tournaments with Steve were always a delight! As far as goalie trash talk goes, there's no one better! Even the ref's couldn't help but to chuckle. We'll miss you Steve! Polo won't be the same!" - Annie P 

"Good luck in Alaska! You were always a bright spot at practice and before we met I loved going to tournaments in Cleveland to watch you play and smack talk." - Jack 

"Steve, it's been a great pleasure to play polo with you and ask you questions about the old days. I've definitely taken lessons from you on how to enjoy the game and will miss hearing your booming voice on deck and in the pub. Here's hoping you hate it in Alaska and come back next year. " - Tepe

"STEVE!!! You are the heart and soul of CWPC!!! I remember you were one of the first people to learn my name and get to know me when I first started to show up to practices! You make the pool such a welcoming place and are both an encouraging teammate and an inspiring mentor. I really wish the best for you and your family and want to thank you one last time for sharing with me your many stories. Thank you for your kindness, enthusiasm, and spirit -- it's people like you that forever grow my love for this sport. May we all strive to embrace our inner Steve!"  -from Steve's biggest fan, Kalista


"I will always miss your bellowing from goal. Never fails to put a smile on my face no matter what you're yelling!" - Elisabeth 

"Howdy Steve! I know I only got to meet you this year, but I am so unbelievably grateful for the welcoming environment you helped make on the team! Whenever Kalista and I showed up to practice and saw you, we knew that it would be a great one. Keep your energy and love for the sport going and best of luck in Alaska!" - Your Irish friend, Diarmuid

"I've been playing polo with Steve for years between Cleveland and Akron teams. Steve is an absolute inspiration to me to continue playing well into my 70s. So sad that we are losing another left-handed player. Steve I wish you well in Alaska and hope you come back to play with us soon! " - Bob

"It's a braw bricht moonlight nicht the nicht" - Kyle Ford

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