Monday, September 11, 2023

CWPC+ Team Goes 3-1 in Indy


Congrats to the CWPC, Case & Cincy folks who had an impressive weekend of polo at the Endless Summer Tournament hosted by Indianapolis Masters Team! With new faces and new friends, the team quickly aligned and got into a groove that lead to a 3-1 outcome on the day. 

W CWPC+ 14 - Illinois State Uni 12

W CWPC+ 14 - MWPA 4

L CWPC+ 12 - Purdue 15

W CWPC+ 14 - Indy Masters 10

Kudos For the Team

Defense .. Defense .. Defense .. 

While some folks were busy getting hat tricks after playing 2 amazing quarters in goal (Tepe), others were creating a wall of defense brick by brick like our own Annie P & Aaron Thompson. They played lights outs, textbook defense from 2M - 2M - especially when AT literally held a guy on the top and forced him back almost all the way to his own 2M line.. Speaking of defense, Jen is living in her CWPC debut era covering the cage 50% of all games, taking on her first 5M shot and making some sick blocks! Fronting on defense seemed to work well against many teams and we hope to continue to try new ways of playing the game! 

Offense .. Offense .. Offense .. 

So many great offensive plays this weekend. Our Camping Case Crew made an amazing showing with sweet offensive turns by Kalista and Diarmuid really catching his groove and hitting those goals in the afternoon. The CWPC & Cincy friendships continued to grow as Adam and Lucas found themselves as long lost brothers hitting quick passes along the 2M for several repeat goals. Connor held down the fort as resident leftie and hit some quick goals throughout the day and Adam was nearly unbeatable off the sprint. Telepathy continued with goalie to goalie pass (Jen to Tepe) for a goal that no one was expecting, but everyone loved. While some were busy scoring goals, others like Lucas, were hitting goalies in the head and giving polo 101 tutorials in set. Building up goalies and short kings one game at time! Charlie on the other hand found his sweet spot shooting from the top and even padded his stats with a triple self assist! Speaking of drives ... Elisabeth moved the ball and players around the pool like she owned the place - even if the refs disagreed. And last but not least Trish was uncontested the most hydrated player of the tournament and didn't embarrass herself in front of her boss. 

Thank you all for a great weekend and thanks Indianapolis Masters for a GREAT tourney! 

Photo Cred Indy Masters

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