Tuesday, May 7, 2024

Congratulations, May Baller of the Month Mac Hancock!!


Name: Mac Hancock
Hometown: Brunswick, OH
Family members: 4 brother and 1 sister
Did any of them play polo: Nope. We all have swam competitively to one degree or another but I’m hoping to eventually get my older brother to come play.

How long have you been a swimmer: I swam competitively for 15 years, starting back when I was 6. 
Do your family members swim: everyone swims except my sister. My younger brothers swim for SwimUnited and Grove City College.

Where do you live now: I’m still living at home, but hopefully not for much longer (I hear there’s a realtor on the team?)

What is your occupation: I work with my dad servicing wide format printers and provide network management.

What is one random fact about you or your job most people don’t know: The first time I was on a plane, I was flying it.

Years/months playing polo: 6 months
Years w/CWPC: 6 months
Favorite CWPC memory so far: The Lake Erie Classic!

Favorite post polo snack & beverage: In college I’d kill for an all you can eat Chinese buffet right after practice.

Favorite position to play: Love those sprints!

What did you think of your first polo tourney: It was great to play with some new people with different styles. I was definitely able to see where they were kicking my butt and where I need to improve.

How many polo suits do you own: 0 because I was not in the group me when the order link was sent out😫  [Editor's Note: You can still order CWPC suits here, you'll just have to pay your own shipping!]

What is your favorite part about water polo in general: It’s a completely different style of swimming than I’m used to. I had great underwaters in college but they’re useless in water polo! In some ways I feel I am in a very similar shape to when I swam in college.

Fun fact about yourself: I’m missing almost half my teeth!

How did you get involved with CWPC: I didn’t want to swim by myself, but wanted to stay in the water. In college, I ran the score table for our women’s team so was familiar with the sport. I decided to give it a shot.

Why do you stick around: I love the later practices and the help I get from everyone during play time.

Favorite quote: “If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to”

Describe your ideal practice: Any practice with more than one sub!

Favorite piece of water polo advice anyone has ever given you: Jacob Sobczak told me one of my first weeks that if I wanted to get comfortable with the ball, just start f*uckin around with it and tossing it to yourself any chance you get.

Anything you'd like to share with us?: Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the tips, especially after the tournament! Appreciative of the patience after I drop half my passes during practice!

Proof of Mac's first water polo goal in a tourney!

What Mac's teammates have to say about him ... 

"I am so proud and excited for how quickly Mac has picked up water polo - it's really fun to see!"

"He definitely pays his dues on time..." 

"He is picking up the subtleties of the game very fast -- not as fast as he can swim, but pretty fast." 

"Whenever I see him ... I think of that song 'Return of the Mack' ... once again..."

"Takes great pictures!" 

"Mac is one of the very few players who can beat Bob in a sprint and has picked up the game quite quickly! Great to have him around he always has a positive attitude! 

Thanks, Mac, for being a great part of our team!! 

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