Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Practice the week of October 4th

Practice this week will only be held Wednesday at Akron. We will scrimmage Akron, please make sure that if you are going to attend, to be in the doors be 7:50pm.

Practice is canceled at both CSU and HB this week due to pool availability.

Roster for BG: Below is the most up-to-date roster that I have. If you are interested in attending BG, please let me know ASAP. Feel free to pay online via the website prior to attending the tournament.

  1. Steve T.
  2. Steve H.
  3. Kevin Z.
  4. Kevin A.
  5. Preetha
  6. Nico
  7. Maura
  8. Bruce
  9. Steph H. (Sunday)
  10. Tom S.
  11. Alex V.
  12. Wade
  13. Rick C.
  14. Eric B.

See you at Akron Wednesday night at 7:50pm!


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