Thursday, October 7, 2010

Schedule and Roster for BG Next Weekend

All a few quick reminders.

1) We will not be practicing this weekend at HB.

2) For those attend BG next weekend, please pay your tournament dues asap via the website. If you would still like to join the team, please let me know asap. More to follow regarding travel, lodging etc.

3) The roster for next weekend is:
  1. Steve T.
  2. Steve H.
  3. Kevin Z.
  4. Kevin A.
  5. Preetha
  6. Nico
  7. Maura
  8. Bruce (Sunday)
  9. Steph H. (Sunday)
  10. Tom S.
  11. Alex V.
  12. Wade
  13. Rick C.
  14. Eric B.

4) The game schedule for next weekend is as follows

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