Friday, August 8, 2014

GG9 Opening Ceremonies Tonight

Opening Ceremonies Tonight
Please arrive at Progressive Field with your badge, wearing your Lake Erie Classic Shirt between 4:30 and 5:30 on Saturday for the opening ceremony. 
If you do not have a shirt please contact a board member about borrowing or buying one!
GG9 Schedule
Monday, 8/11 at 8pm vs. San Francisco Tsunami
Tuesday, 8/12 at 3pm vs. Toronto Triggerfish - Blue
Tuesday, 8/12 at 7pm vs. West Hollywood
Wednesday., 8/13 at 4pm vs. QUAC
 Parking For GG9 (thanks Kyle Tepe)
People should park in Veale Garage, which is unfortunately not free (about $2/hr up to $10/day)  The address is
2158 Adelbert Road
Cleveland, OH 44106
From the garage walk southwest into the Veale Center.  There are two pools in the basement, Donnell Pool and Veale Natatorium.  We are going to Veale.  Searching "Veale Garage" and "Veale Center" both bring up the correct locations on Google Maps.  
Upcoming Practices
Tuesday 8-10pm at Lakewood
Thursday - Cancelled due to GG9
Thank you all for your patience with the cancellations!
We encourage everyone to come cheer on your teammates throughout the week! We are the only Cleveland team - so lets show some home city pride.
Also, take advantage of all the great opportunities going on in the city this week!
Let's Go CWPC!

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