Thursday, January 9, 2020

January Baller of the Month

Congratulations to the January Baller of the Month, Bob Behringer

·        Name- Bob Behringer
·         Hometown – Canton, Ohio
·         Family members? Amanda (wife); Kylee (daughter 21); Lauren (daughter 18); Sophie (daughter 15)
·         Did any of them play polo? Kylee played for Akron 
·         Where do you live now? North Canton, Ohio
·         Years playing polo? 38 years
·         Years w/CWPC?  Over 10 years
·         Years w/Akron?  15 years ??
·         Years w/CSU?  Played 4 years on CSU polo team while also swimming for the Vikes (here is where he neglects to mention all of his swimming accolades – if you didn’t know, Bob is FAST!)
·         Favorite CWPC memory – my daughter Kylee scoring her first goal (Akron lob shot) at CWPC tournament

·         Favorite post polo snack & beverage – peanut butter and honey sandwich with coffee
·         Favorite position to play – driver (lefty)
·         Favorite tournament so far – I love the Cleveland tournament!!
·         How many polo suits do you own? I always wear 2 with a spare in my bag
·         What is your favorite part about water polo in general? I love the physical nature of polo and how it keeps me in shape; I also love learning new skills (from the young guys) and continually improving my game. 
·         What college team did you play for? Cleveland State; Akron now
·         Fun fact about yourself – I swam in the Olympic Trials in the 80’s (yes I’m that old)
·         Favorite quote – like my wife always says – “You can’t take it with you”
·         How far do you drive to practice each week? Miles/time – over 400 miles per week between CWPC and Akron teams
·         What is your favorite part of being a lefty? Everything – who wouldn’t want to be a lefty!  And always getting to play offense during 6-5 drills 
·         Describe your ideal practice – full tank scrimmaging for 2 hours straight (or longer)
Bob’s teammates have this to say about him…

“Has the pointiest elbows of all mankind”

"I’d rather have Bob on my team than Grant”

“Remember that when you feel tired at practice, Bob drove an hour to practice after running his company all day and it’s his third workout of the day. You’re not tired. Bob is tried of your excuses.”

“Fun fact: Bob is actually right handed, but likes a challenge”

“Bob is extremely understanding and knowledgeable when it comes to water polo. He’s always 
willing to explain the rules and never talks down to any lesser experienced player.”

“My Dad is seriously the most badass guy I know. He amazes me everyday with his ability and work effort.” - #1 Fan, Kylee

"I've known Bob for over 40 years and the Bob you know ist eh same Bob I grew up with. Before he could ask "Who's playing polo tomorrow?," on GroupMe, Bob would walk through the dorms of CSU ('86-'90) to see which swimmer he could get to commit to Thursday night polo at Busbey. Even before that, circa 1980, Bob used his rotary dial spiral cord house phone (for those too young to know what that is) and call me and other YMCA swimmer to arrange a game of kick-the-can in my backyard. He has a never ending supply of energy and that you all see in the pool today. He's a perfect candidate for Baller of the Month because he's been balling now across 5 decades. Great player. Great guy. Great friend."
 - Brian Bailey

Congratulations, Bob! Thank you for your guidance, for taking the sprint every line up and for driving all the way to see us every week. 

January Schedule

Tuesdays – 8:30pm – 10:00pm
Lakewood High School

Thursdays – 7:30pm – 9:30pm
Cleveland State University
*Starting 1/16

Sundays – 9:30am – 11:30am
Lakewood High School

  • Thursday - 1/9
  • Sunday - 1/19
  • Sunday - 1/26
Note about practice on Tuesday, 1/14 - There will be a swim meet at LHS prior to our practice. Although they are usually done by 8:30 we are not allowed in the locker rooms until all of the teams have vacated. For those who get there early, please start setting up what we can at the pool. Thx!


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