Monday, January 20, 2020

Tournament Recap, New Rules Info and more!

Thank you to all for braving the weather and attending the Wolverine Tournament this past weekend! The team went 1-2, with a big win over London Masters (ehh). 

Tournament Highlights

  • Kasi's big post kick out steal 
  • Jay scoring 2 goals in one game 
  • Annie B's homecoming after being traded to Columbus
  • Steve Trow playing a whole quarter (let's talk about it)
  • Brian playing with 7/8 of a thumb
  • Tepe killing it in goal and also scoring a goal
  • Isaac really earning his kick outs and hella steals
  • Trish still having 2 kick outs
  • Killer 6-5 defense throughout the weekend
  • Epic karaoke, mostly by Maggie 
  • Thompson family cookie game
  • Andrew- best game closer
  • Elisabeth for a nice step out goal
  • Moragne winning us some sprints
  • Bob for doing his best at foozball
  • X for not being a terrible ref and for jumping in w/us
  • Shami for hosting a great tourney! 

New FINA Rules
As we have mentioned before, there will be several new rules implemented throughout 2020. 
Please see the following resources with full details provided by USA Water Polo!

We will begin discussing these at practices, but the more you can do to prepare the better! 

Lake Erie Classic
We are currently working with CSU on LEC dates. CSU is has a few maintenance projects beginning this spring and they have not been given dates by their contractor yet preventing us from committing to a date. We will keep you up to date as possible and hope to have something on the books soon. 

Cinnamon Lake Friendly 
The friendly is back!
Save the date June 27 & 28 for a weekend of fun and Ron. 

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