Tuesday, January 31, 2023



Name- Annie B

  • Hometown- Worthington, Ohio
  • Family members?- parents (John and Cathy) and my brother Chris
  • Did any of them play polo?- Nope! I’m the first and only
  • Where do you live now?- Lakewood!
  • What is your occupation?- Program Analyst
  • Years playing polo?- 15 years
  • Years w/CWPC?- about 7 years
  • Favorite CWPC memories? All of our Lake Erie classic tournaments, the 2021 CWPC beer Olympics, and ordering pizza/selecting pizza toppings at the Ann Arbor tournament
  • Favorite post polo snack & beverage?- chips from Merry Arts and a Long Drink
  • Favorite position to play? 2 meter or driver
  • Favorite tournament so far? Lake Erie Classic. It’s fun playing in Cleveland and hosting other teams.

  • How many polo suits do you own? 3

  • What is your favorite part about water polo in general? I’ve met some of my best friends playing water polo. The people are great!

  • Fun fact about yourself?- a surprise to no one on this team-I’m left handed!

  • How did you get involved with CWPC? Trisha! We played in college and when I told her I was moving to Cleveland she introduced me to CWPC

Throwback 2013 Mercyhurst Women's Water Polo 

  • Why do you stick around?- great people and fun times! My first intro to most of the team was at the 2016 quarry scramble. I knew that weekend that this was a fun group of people I wanted to play polo with.

  • Favorite quote (any quote)? Least favorite- the banner at Lakewood High School “Swimming is 90% mental and the other half physical” I get it, I know where it comes from, but it just doesn’t make sense!

  • Describe your ideal practice – a few drills, some scrimmaging, and ending with 6 on 5

  • Favorite piece of water polo advice anyone has ever given you? - No back hands ever-from my wonderful college coach

  • Are you more long walks on the beach or dancing in the rain? long walks on the beach. Gotta close that move ring

  • What is a smell you really hate? Probably burnt popcorn

  • Cavs, Browns, or Guardians? - Guardians!

What her teammates have to say about Annie B ...

"I split Guardians season tickets with Annie and her cousins so we're basically family."

"Annie got attacked by a dog as a kid-- I'm not here to pick winners and losers but let's just say that Annie's still with us."

"Annie is good at water polo."

"Go Lakers!"

"I find it funny that Annie and I own(ed) the same car that neither of us fit in. Twins."

"Annie ALWAYS pays her dues on time - a model teammate."

"Definitely one of my 5 favortie lefties on the team"

"Annie moved back to Cleveland for the sole purpose of returning to our all start leftie line. That's real dedication!"

"Annie is a great player in and out of the water and is always willing to teach others. She is a real impact player. But shes even a better friend - someone who is fun and inclusive and extremely thoughtful.

THANK YOU, ANNIE, for all that you do for Cleveland Water Polo Club!

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