Monday, January 30, 2023

Annual Meeting Recap, Tournaments

 Annual Meeting Recap:

We held our annual meeting this past Sunday and looked back on a very solid 2022 while making ambitious plans for 2023.  We had some great conversations about the club and are excited to keep the momentum going.  Here are some highlights and goals for the year:

  • Continue to work on drills through LEC with monthly themes (Jan - pressure passing, Feb - effective driving)
  • Document CWPC drills/strategy/reference materials
  • Update the website/email system
  • Free LEC entry fee for members in good standing (pay your dues!)
  • LEC planning (all hands on deck)
  • Bylaw updates in 2023 (more info to come) 

2023 Board and Committee Update:

After 10+ years on the Board of Directors, Brendon Friesen has stepped down and joined our Advisory Board where he can continue to lend us his expertise while focusing less on the day-to-day of the club.  Jack Silver has been elected to the 2023 board -- congrats Jack and thank you Brendon!  

Andrew O. has been appointed chair of the Engagement Committee and Danielle has been appointed chair of the Swag Committee.  Thank you both for volunteering!  

February Practice Schedule:

Separate post coming soon.  We are on for Tuesday 1/31 at LHS and Thursday 2/2 at CSU.

Upcoming Tournaments:

Nutty Invitational in Cincinnati 2/18-2/19 -- sign up on the Tournaments page.  We are sending a combined team with Motor City based on our poll results.

Acorn Classic - March 4/5 - Women Only - poll for participation ends this week. 

Lake Erie Classic -- the 9th Annual LEC is set for 4/15-4/16 at CSU.  Mark your calendars!

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