Wednesday, May 31, 2023



Name: Shannon Welch

Hometown: Gallion, OH

Family members? Wife Stephanie, 2 boys – Jacob (20) & Spencer (15) and doggo Tessa!

Did any of them play polo? Nope, just Shannon!

What sports do they play? Steph is into hiking, while the boys play baseball (as you’ve most likely seen from the gear Shannon wears)

Where do you live now? Rittman, OH

What is your occupation? Massage therapist for the past 21 years

What is one random fact about you most people don’t know? He’s been surfing at Edgewater with an old teammate Mike from Seven Hills!

Years playing polo? 3 years

Years w/CWPC? 2 years (some say it feels like longer as Shannon just fits in!)

Favorite CWPC memory: Trash talking with the 616 team at tournaments!

Favorite post polo snack & beverage? Pb and jelly and a pop

Favorite position to play: Driver

Favorite tournament so far: Ann Arbor

How many polo suits do you own? 3

What is your favorite part about water polo in general? Scoring after driving to goal and wrestling on defense 

How many miles from CSU pool do you live? 37 miles

How did you get involved with CWPC? Migrated north from Akron’s team

Why do you stick around? He’s just trying to score a sweet goal .. duh


quote? From Bob … “If you’re open, I’ll get you the ball” … so wise that Bob.

Describe your ideal practice? Scrimmaging .. scrimmaging .. and then we scrimmage.

Favorite piece of water polo advice anyone has ever given you? From Adam .. “Don’t shoot left handed.” … also very, very sage advice.

Scale of 1-10 - how badass did you feel breaking your nose in practice? : 10/10 (judges say 11/10)

Anything you'd like to share with the team? 

We have some awesome teammates!

What Shannon's teammates have to say about him ... 

"He really has a nose for the game!"

"Shannon broke his nose, got patched up, and then returned to practice to help tear down the pool. A true team player!"

"He's totally committed .. he's willing to drive to Chicago and back within 24hrs just to play in a tourney."

"One of my three favorite commuters from Stark County" 

"Something that is really evident about Shannon is how much he loves his family. He's always bringing them around when possible and he's always willing to tell you what's latest in the world of baseball. It's awesome." 

"Shannon is always willing to learn new stuff and you can always count on him to give it his all."

Congrats, again, Shannon! 
We are lucky to have you!

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