Tuesday, May 30, 2023

June Sunday Workouts

We would like to provide some training drills to kick off our Sunday practices. If a board member is not there (or is potentially on their way bc they like to sleep in) please feel free to kick these off on your own! 

Trish will lead the first couple to help get people acquainted with the drills, but these should be pretty familiar. You do not have to do them all!

  1. 5 Min treading drill (individual / group)

    • 5 - 1 minute rotations (will need a clock)

    • Feel free to add a jug, ball or hold a kickboard for more of a challenge

      • 15 seconds: Hands out of the water

      • 15 seconds: Elbows out of the water

      • 15 seconds: Arms straight in the air 

      • 15 seconds: rest / arms down

  2. Square Team Treading (Jack’s drill)

    • Establish a square in the deep end of the pool

    • Line up starting at one end with a weighted or non-weighted ball

    • First person treads across with ball in their hand in a shoot position 

    • While they are treading the rest of the group treads in line with their elbows out of the water 

    • Once the first person finishes crossing the pool, the ball is passed back to the front of the line while everyone treads hands down

  3. Reaction Drill

    • Establish a leader with the whistle on deck

    • Everyone spread out in the pool 

    • Leader blows the whistle and points in a direction 

    • Players swim in that direction until the leader blows the whistle again and points somewhere else

    • This can be done 3-5 times and should be 1-2 min each with rests in between

  4. Treading Circles

    • Get everyone in a big circle and grab multiple items to tread with (a couple balls, water jug, kickboard, etc)

    • Have everyone keep their arms up out of the water and pass these items to each other continuously

    • About 5 minutes 

  5. 3 Passes, 3 Shots Drill

    • Set up your first shooter just inside ½ pool

    • Have a passer at the 2 M (either right or left side depending on who is shooting)

    • Establish some to retrieve balls before going to the back of the line

    • The shooter becomes the passer

    • The passer becomes the ball retriever 

      • First shooter swims heads up to about 6-7 M - player starts with a ball and may pump fake and move before shooting

      • Then shooter swims to 4-5 M and receives a dry pass for a catch and shoot (no pump fakes; if you drop it or miss it keep going) - middle of cage

      • Then swims for a ball side drive and wet pass along the post 

  6. Passing - No Defense

    • Set up 6 players like you would on offense 

    • Dry pass the ball from the 1 to the 6 (around the outside, one player at a time) without dropping the ball

    • When you catch the ball, take a look at the cage, and give a pump fake or make a move toward the goal, fake it to the hole set - get creative, but make it a strong water polo move

    • Once the ball makes it to the 6, make a wet pass to the whole set

    • If anyone drops the ball, you have to start over

    • As you get better at this, start to integrate the hole set earlier with a wet pass from the top and they can kick it back out 

    • The purpose of this drill is to concentrate on good passes, communication and speed to work the ball around

    • Integrate defense as the drill advances

    • You can also set up in 6-5 offense and do this drill to work on your 1-in and 6-in moves

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